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Student Loans Ontario

Stephanie Said:

How can I contribute to paying a portion of my 2 daughters' Ontario student loans which will best benefit them?

We Answered:

Contact OSAP directly or check the website for the information you require - check the link below.

It might be better to put the money in a income earning account of some sort until their OSAP loans come due and payable, are consolidated and a payment schedule is put in place. THEN the income bearing accounts can be dissolved and the funds applied directly to the principal of the loan.

Evelyn Said:

Aside from National Student Loans and OSAP, is there any other way to get grants in Ontario?

We Answered:

Bad credit student loan that is sponsored by the government is dispersed by the colleges and schools. The amount that could be acquired as government student loan varies dependent upon the requirement of the borrower. It is dependent upon the administration of the school and colleges,

Understanding the present scenario, several online loan providers have come up with loan services especially catering to the needs of students with a bad credit history. It is advisable to browse through the interest to locate an appropriate student loan services provider. Before procuring student loan from an online services provider, it is suggested to navigate through the internet.

Leah Said:

are ontario student loans forgiven after 17 years?

We Answered:

As far as I know all student loans are Federal now...and there is no forgivness on any of them...Even when you file for bankruptcy..It's a new law they brought in about 8 yrs ago? So no I don't think they are..

Try this site for more info:

Gloria Said:

Student Loans?

We Answered:

You will need to, by the summer before you go to school. It sounds like they are just later getting their forms up. Perhaps you can find a paper copy to send in.

Annette Said:

Is there a statute of limitations in Canada on federal and provincial (Ontario) student loans?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about Ontario...but in B.C. there isn't a statue of limitations for this.

Lois Said:

How do ontario student loans work?

We Answered:

the maximum for a single student is 360/week multiplied by the number of weeks in your program. You may be eligible for some grants depending on family income.

How much you get depends on whether you are considered independent (out of high school for 4 years) or dependent. If you are dependent, your father's income is taken into account.

The expectation with OSAP is that it will ASSIST you to go to school, not pay your entire expenses. If you are single, you are expected to work. You can make about $103/week while in school.

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