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Student Loans Poor Credit

Tiffany Said:

Alternative student loans for poor credit --?

We Answered:

Contact the financial aid office of the school you wish to attend. They could give you advise. Worst case senario, you may have to pay your debt down and get in better financial shape before you go back to school

James Said:

Are there non geverment student loans for students with poor credit with out having a co-signer?

We Answered:

If you are in a financial status of low income you can apply and qualify for a PELL Grant (FAFSA). I would apply for one regardless of my income. You can receive a grant based on your income that can assist you in covering some of the cost. This is a grant and does not have to be repaid. You can also qualify for subsidized and unsubsidized student loans. They do not use your credit to base their loans on. You can apply for the FAFSA on the FAFSA web site - U.S. Department of Education, and submit it on line as well. You can go to MOHELA on the web, apply and submit applications for subsidized and unsubsidized student loans. They have a list of lenders to choose from. Your credit rating does not affect your eligability to obtain student loans.

Marcus Said:

Student Loans with poor credit?

We Answered:

Just making you you know. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), if you fill it out you may be eligible to receive a Stafford loan which is not credit based. This is assuming that your school does accept Stafford loans, that you are a US citizen and another of other things. I'd just fill it out if you haven't

Roland Said:

best way to consolidate student loans with poor credit?

We Answered:

First of all are your student loans private loans are federal loans? There are a number of advantages if you choose to consolidate your federal student loans, one of which is there is no credit check when consolidating your federal student loans.

Also, a number of borrower benefits are available which all help you to lower your monthly payments and knock down the life of your federal student loan more quickly.

I am concerned about what kind of student loans you have taken out. If you are interested in consolidating your private student loans, I would wait until July 1st when programs are expected to improve and be available. However, dealing with you federal student loans you may want to deal with them prior to July 1st to avoid an interest rate increase.

Leona Said:

How can I get a private/alternate student loan with poor credit?

We Answered:

I was in the same predicament. You will have to have a co-signor in order to obtain a loan while you are not working and be prepared for higher interest while you are in school.

You can get loans from the following.....…

I got my loan from the first, they have the lowest interest. You can get up to 40,000 a year from these companies and they are completely legitimate. I got them from my financial aid counselor at my college.

The above statement that you cannot get a loan while not working is NOT at all true. I haven't worked since I started school and I DID get a loan and will get another one in January.

Good luck

Brenda Said:

Where can I get a student loan with poor credit and no co signer?

We Answered:

What did your university's financial aid office suggest? You might have to work full time and continue your education part time if you cant get more loans. Are you able to try for any scholarships?

Maureen Said:

Is it possible to get Private student loans with poor credit?

We Answered:

If your credit is really poor, then you will not qualify for a private student loan without a cosigner with excellent credit. Do not use debt consolidation loans or debt repair clinics -- they lower your monthly payments but spread them over a longer period -- if you make a spreadsheet showing the costs, you'll actually pay more in the end. If you are able to obtain a private student loan, make sure that it is a fixed low-interest rate. I would avoid this option though because student loans aren't dismissed through bankruptcy... your credit card debt and personal loan could be down the road if your situation changed for the worse. You might concentrate on paying them off more quickly so that you can save interest. Pick up some extra hours at work or do some side work like babysitting, tutoring, or yardwork and put all of that additional money towards your debt. Cut your expenses and put that money towards the debt as well. You could even give plasma twice a week for an additional $100/month to put towards your debt.

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