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Student Loans Repayment

Roy Said:

I just joined the army and got Student Loan Repayment on the contract. It is feasible to take out the loans...

We Answered:

SLRP only covers existing loans when you contracted, not anything you acquire afterwards. Once you ship out, your only option would be tuition assistance and the GI Bill once you are eligible to use it( paying into it for 12 months first)

Darlene Said:

Do Army OCS candidates now get student loan repayment benefits upon being commissioned?

We Answered:

its true. i talked to a recruiter recently and they mentioned this. I was surprised. They also give a $8000 bonus.

Julia Said:

How can I get my student loans in repayment away from sallie mae?

We Answered:

Consolidate with another company. That is the only option. If you already consolidated with Sallie Mae and have no other loans, you have absolutely no options.

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