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Student Loans Saskatchewan

Joy Said:

Student Loans and Getting Married?

We Answered:

You are smart to think about this...A couple things to mention..I am married, attending grad school and our household income last year was over $300,000. I just quit my job in January and wasn't sure how I was going to cover the reminder of my tuition (now that I'm not working). I went ahead and applied for a loan thinking there was no way we would qualify - but they gave me every penny I asked for and then some.

The major difference is that I did not qualify for the subsidized loan (where the gov't pays the interest while you are in school). I only qualified for unsubsidized...fine by me!

So, that's the long story. It will help that your girlfriend is in school because your family contribution will be less since you're paying for her school as well. You may not qualify for any need based aid, but you will probably get all the loans you want. Bottom line is, you should be totally fine as far as loans go. They will probably like the fact that you have two incomes to help repay!

Wilma Said:

Is there still someone who specializes in persons with special needs that works for Saskatchewan Student Loans

We Answered:

I believe the answer you're looking for can be found on this site. They've got lots of info about the subject.

Barry Said:

distance learning sources?

We Answered:

Visit this site
Here you will find enough information that will help you solving your this question.

Rebecca Said:

How do i apply for a student loan in canada?

We Answered:

The Canada Student Loans Program and the Canada Student Grants Program help by providing student financial assistance in the form of loans and grants to Canadians attending post-secondary education in most provinces and territories.The website is – money that you pay back
Grants – money that you do not pay back

The federal government’s student loans and grants make it easier for Canadian students and families to obtain a post-secondary education. Post-secondary education opens doors by providing better job opportunities. More Canadians are investing in their future by pursuing post-secondary education. Hoping that this will help you.

Brian Said:

dealing with a collection agency?

We Answered:…
read this stuff, all kinds of info look around, Its got tons of info.
dont believe the lady on the phone yet!
Take all your reciepts and loan agreement to the bank, and raise holy ----. tell them you want an explaination and that they breached your agreement! and had no right to send it to collections. if they sold your loan to a nother company, then you should of been informed. demand answers! good luck!oh, dont sent that collection place a dime! but get to the bank before your payment due date!

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