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Student Loans Scotland

Christopher Said:

Student Loans in Scotland question?

We Answered:

You should be able to apply to SAAS for a student loan, the amount given will depend on a number of factors such as do you live with parents,your age etc.You should be able to get all this info from your college. Hope this helps.

Kay Said:

Student loans/bursaries in the UK (Scotland)?

We Answered:

Student loans are normally paid by the term.

Stanley Said:

student loans (Scotland) question ? when is a loan written off?

We Answered:

I had a bloody nightmare with SLC.. they didn't accept my proof of earnings as it did not state dates, just the fiscal week numbers for 2002... i moved house and by the time they got in touch i owed them 1800 quid.. swines!

Anyways, I think its 50 years of age that they give up on trying to collect. I wish I was on the new system where they take it in the amounts of a NI contribution. My advice is to phone them and be a nuisance to them, make them earn that money ;0) they were a bunch of **** with me.

Im on the cusp of the threshold now, I know its got to be paid back but its a bummer.. though my mate went bankrupt and they've not bothered him since.

Ken Said:

Question about repaying student loans (Scotland) What happens if?

We Answered:

Hi! Unless you earn over £2,000 per month, you'll never have to pay it off - just keep on deferring by providing employment 3 previous payslips or proof of self-employed income or benefits. They may not send you a form - they've done it to me and started taking money out of my account - but ask them for one otherwise. If they do take money out and you're eligible to defer, you can claim back a month or so. If you keep deferring for long enough, I think they write the debt off after 50 years.

Erica Said:

Why don't students in Scotland have to pay student loans?

We Answered:

because the Scott's get every thing free & we English pay for it

Oscar Said:

Student Finance in Scotland for Irish Students?

We Answered:

Students and parents who must deal with the high cost of a college education have available to them a wide range of student loans. This article offers details on three general types of student loans. Unlike other student loans, application for a specific Stafford Loan should be preceded by the filing of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA application should be made in the name of the aspiring student.

Like some other student loans, application for the Signature Loan permits the use of a co-signer. In fact, there is a real advantage to applying for a Signature Loan with a co-signer.

Harvey Said:

a 13yr old student loan debt, can they do warrant sale on her property in Scotland?

We Answered:

Take some legal advice on this. Many solicitors will give the first half hours advice fro free.

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