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Student Loans That Go Directly To The Student

Alfred Said:

Does anyone know of a bank that gives student loans directly to students?

We Answered:

All legit student loan companies will send the money directly to your school. If your tuition and fees are already paid, then the school will issue you the loan money to you to do as you wish. To apply for federal student loans go to

Monica Said:

What loaning company is the best to go through for direct to student loans?

We Answered:

Wells Fargo is the only bank out there doing that type of loan right now.

Ben Said:

Where can you get PRIVATE student loans that are directly mailed to you?!?! ?

We Answered:

just get a personal loan apply for one at your bank and there you go you get it mailed to your house without the school knowing it.

I dont think that there is such a school student loan that is Private!! you have to have a quote from the school that says how much your tuition and fees is going to approx. costs for the year. Then if financial help is needed you are then offered A.FINANCIAL AID, B. STAFFORD, C. UNSUBSIDIZED LOAN, THEN AS A FINAL OPTION D. PARENT PLUS LOAN. all of these loans however are not private and they pay out to the school which then sends you the money that is left over!

your best bet is to get a personal loan and if you have good credit you should be able to get a low interest rate!!

Franklin Said:

Student loans?

We Answered:

You would have to go to your bank to do that.
Those loans would have to be approved based on your credit history. Where as with the student loan thru the school. It is different. You sign a promissory note. Stating that 6 months after you graduate you will start return payments on it. What happens is they cut the check to the school after everything is payed for, the rest of the money is then sent to you from the school.

Jon Said:

What bank provide student loans where the check is sent directly to the student?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US student loans and scholarships.

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