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Student Loans Uk

Barry Said:

Paying my student loans (UK) and New Tax Year Deductions?

We Answered:

Student Loans company let HM revenue know when you have paid the loan off. You will still have the money deducted until HM revenue receive the correct form from the student loans company.

They are slow at letting HM revenue know, but any overpayments will be refunded.

You will need to keep nagging both the SLC and HMR&C as they are both crap and slow as dead sloths.

Angela Said:

What happens to student loan deductions (UK) while you are on maternity leave (for loans deducted at source)?

We Answered:

as far as I'm aware when your income/earnings drop below the threshold you make no more payments until you rise back above that level, the basic interest continues to be added

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