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Student Loans With Bad Credit And No Cosigner

Dolores Said:

What are some student loan companies that give loans with no cosigner and no credit history?

We Answered:

Hello; stay away from private internet lenders wanting $ up front for there so-called fees.Stay away from these scam artists. You will never see your loan or money.Report these frauds th the IC3 division of the FBI and your states atty. generals office.Please don't fall for this scam.If they want money up front they are SCAMS,Report them to authorities.

Angel Said:

Student loan with no cosigner and parents have bad credit history, help any suggestions?

We Answered:

When I applied for FAFSA there was no need for a cosigner. There were other qualifications such as a classes attempted versus classes completed ratio, and being enrolled in a college. My ratio was not desirable so I was unable to receive the FAFSA loan, which I greatly regret.

Student loans rarely have good interest rates and no fixed interest rates. So if you can, DO get the FAFSA loan of which there is NO interest rate! I borrowed 14,600 from Wells Fargo and by the time I'm done paying it off I will have paid them 47,000! Get FAFSA and all the Pell Grants that come along with them, that you never have to pay back. You will be sooo happy you did!

Good luck with school!

Dustin Said:

Bad Credit Student Loans?

We Answered:

Unfortunately you can't get a private student loan if you have bad credit and no one with good credit to sign for you. And if you were denied a Perkins or Stafford loan then there aren't really any other student loan options.

You can, however, apply for grants or scholarships to help you pay for school. The good thing about these are that you don't have to pay them back. You can read about the importance of scholarships here:…

And here are some sites that offer free grants and scholarships:……

Good luck!

Kim Said:

what good student loans are out there with no cosigner and you have bad or no credit?

We Answered:

you can check this website.There are good tips and informations for interest-fixed student loans…

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