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Student Loans With No Credit

Carmen Said:

I am having trouble getting student loans because of a lack of credit history.?

We Answered:

Federally insured student loans do not require any credit history. You should be looking for a Stafford Loan or a Perkins Loan.…

Jill Said:

Will the bankrupt or people that default on student loans/credit cards go to hell?

We Answered:

when you sin, you must ask for forgiveness and repent and make good on the sin, in other words you can't just sin and say all I have to do is ask for forgiveness it would not be sincere, you also have to ask for forgiveness and pay back the money or do time for murder etc...

Allen Said:

can I build my credit with student loans? Pay it off at once or break up up monthly?

We Answered:

Break it up monthly so you have lgood long terma repyment history

Maria Said:

I graduated college and now I am in over $30,000 in debt from student loans and credit cards? Now what?

We Answered:

get a grip! life is just starting for you! I wish my debt was 30k! Iwould be doing the happy its just like eating an apple, one bite at a time and keep working toward your goals, nothin is easy, who wants easy? you cant appreciate getting up and walking until you have stumbled and fallen a few times. good luck. Max.

Discuss It! review said:

Student loans is good for student because it help to get education and avoiding math studies becomes a lose to you for such a student misses so much which he or she should know as long as she is a student. Because it is hard it doesn’t mean it is evil and therefore students should run away from it. They should instead look for ways of coping with it. And also ijnvolve their teachers in helping it seem easy.

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