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Student Loans Without Cosigner And No Credit

Elizabeth Said:

Student loans... any without a credit check or cosigner?

We Answered:

The federal student loan program does not turn people down for poor credit, and as far as I know, no cosigner is needed in any situation. Your federal student loans are entirely your own responsibility.

If your federal/state aid is not enough to cover the cost of attending school, you should meet with the financial aid department at your own school. They are the people who are in charge of determining your cost of attendance, taking into consideration things such as transportation, rent, and supplies, not just tuition.

So in a nutshell, go to your financial aid office. They will be able to do something for you; I've never heard of anyone getting turned away by financial aid at a university.

Larry Said:

Can I get student loans without a cosigner and no credit?

We Answered:

Then go to school in Canada.

Private loans require co signers who have excellent credit AND employment. You may be SOL if you can't pay the rest out of pocket.

Maureen Said:

who gives student loans with no cosigner and bad credit?

We Answered:

Private companies will NOT give you a student loan without a cosigner if you have a poor credit history. Trust me, I've tried. I did, however, get a number of state loans that were need-based. See what kind of programs your state sponsors as far as educational loans go. I live in Illinois.

Wallace Said:

Can a student without credit or assets get a student loan without a cosigner?

We Answered:

You will not be able to take out a private loan without a cosigner.

You should apply for FAFSA because they would be able to give you federal unsubsidized loans which are not based on financial need. It's a free process, and they could give you up to $5500 in loans a year for your first year of college. Also, go over this situation with your financial aid office and see what they could do for you... they might have scholarships, college grants, etc that they could direct you to. Good luck.

Bertha Said:

Student Loans with bad credit and no cosigner?

We Answered:

I doubt it, especially if you are not a us citizen.

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