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Student Loans Without Cosigners

Misty Said:

Student Loans without cosigner?

We Answered:

You can only get a student loan without a co-signer if you have good established credit, even then some lenders want a co-signer if your credit record does not go back far enough. But if you do not have credit, or have bad credit you are not going to get a loan without a co-signer. You have to stop and think, a bank or other lender should under no circumstances lend money to someone who has not proven that they have paid off credit before. Especially now with so many people not re-paying their loans, lenders have had to get even tougher about who they lend to and who they don't. Ask the financial aid office where the best place to start is.

Lester Said:

Where can I get student loans without a cosigner if I have no credit?

We Answered:

Sorry, but you can't. The only type of student loans that do not require a co-signer are federal loans. All private loans require co-signers now. You will need to either find a co-signer, go to a cheaper school or take a semester off to save some money. Sorry.

Elmer Said:

Student loans without cosigner, How Can I Get A Loan To Fund My Education?

We Answered:

Well two Weeks ago my cousin got Student loan of 10000$ on very lowest interest at 3.5 % and she had to repay for the loan when her studies are completed .Sounds too good. well you should try for your loan too .
Go to following link and check all loan offering lenders in search of best repayment schedule and ofcoucre lowest interest rate.

By the way my cousin credit score is too low but she got loan.
Best of luck!

Joseph Said:

can someone tell me how to get Student Loans without Cosigners ?

We Answered:

Its really hard to get one without a cosigner.

the role of the cosigner is to guarantee that the loan will be repaid. if you default on the loan, he cosigner has to pay it, and their credit will go down.

unless you have good enough credit that you can guarantee the loan yourself (and that also means you have to make over 12k a year sometimes) you'll need a cosigner.

best bet is to ask any relative to do it. you don't have to be terribly close to them, and if you make all your payments on time they wont be called on again to do anything.

if it really isnt possible, call the bank you're trying to get a loan from.

Cody Said:

Student loans without a cosigner and a low gpa first semester?

We Answered:

Well, if you aren't on financial aid suspension, fill out a fafsa application and take out the maximum in federal student loans. These do not require a cosigner because they aren't based on income or credit score. A dependent freshman can receive $5,500/year, a sophomore $6,500/year, and upper classmen can receive $7,500/year.

You will not qualify for a private student loan unless you have an excellent credit history, steady employment, etc. You will need a cosigner with those qualifications in order to qualify, and there's no guarantee that you will continue to be approved for private loans. You may need to look at a cheaper school, or join the military first, then when you qualify for the GI bill, go back to school.

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