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Student Loans Without Credit Check

Dave Said:

Can i get a student loan without a credit check?

We Answered:

Boy, are you in luck! First of all, you need to fill out and submit a FAFSA form. Every institution of higher learning will require it. In your case, they will also want your parents to fill out an application for a federal PLUS loan. The deal is, if your parents are turned down for this loan - and I assume they will be, then you will personally qualify for a larger amount of loan yourself! Sounds dumb, but that's how it works. And, student loans are not credit based - in other words, you can't not qualify. Go for it, kid!

Billy Said:

Student loan without credit check?

We Answered:

I think the first post on this blog might help. It isn't FAFSA either and it's worth a shot.

Hope that helps,

Erica Said:

Is there any avaible private student loans without any credit check???

We Answered:

Stay Away from private internet scams wanting $ in advance.If they are wanting $ up front,THEY ARE A SCAM. Report these internet hoodlums to the IC3 division of FBI and to your states ATTY. GENERALS office.Do not wire money ,western union any $ to these frauds.If they want $ up front THEY ARE FRAUDS!!!!

Sue Said:

Where can I get a student loan for $2,500 without a credit check or a co-signer?

We Answered:

Only federal loans like the Perkins or Stafford is not credit based. That starts by filling out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Any other loan would require a credit check.

Sam Said:

Are there any student loans that are available without a credit check?

We Answered:

Well, I am curretnly enrolled in College and along with my grants, which if you are not being claimed by anyone on taxes you qualify for...I get what are called guranteed student loans through Sallie Mae. Your best bet would be to go in and talk to a financial aid counselor. They may not know everything, but trust me they want you to stay in school as much as you do. long as you are in their school they are making money. I hope I have helped you out some. Good luck! P.S. Do your FAFSA online and make sure you check the box that says you are interested in Student Loans and Work Study.

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