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Student School Loans

Marian Said:

Can i get student loans before school actually starts?

We Answered:

Your student loan won't be disbursed until just before school starts. I got my laptop last fall, about a month before school started. After I received the excess amount from the loan, I paid off the credit card that I used to buy the laptop with. I also put any excess from my loans into a separate account. It's to be used for school expenses and loan repayment only.

Ronnie Said:

Any way I can pay off school without student loans?

We Answered:

Have you looked at scholarships based on your ethnicity and also your intended area of study? There are many scholarships that are only awarded to students who fit a certain profile. I'll attach a list below of scholarship search sites. They have a huge database and after you fill out a profile, they will match you up with scholarships that fit.

Are you from a low income family? There are many colleges who are fantastic to low income students, providing them with no loan packages or free tuition. I'll attach the list for that too.

Meet with your adviser to see if anything else can be done. Maybe there is a work-study option?

If there isn't anything else you can do, know that many students take on loans to pay for college. It will more than pay for itself in the long run.

James Said:

can a school withold a transcript on a 23 yr old debt?If you have paid all your student loans. school balance?

We Answered:

What is the debt for? They can withohold the transcript if you owe them, and you will need a transcript to be accepted into any other accredited school, so you should contact the debtor and see if they can reduce the amount or offer a plan where you can pay it off over time.

Kent Said:

Is it possible to transfer student loans to a different school?

We Answered:

How embarrassing, but I've switched colleges three times. I have all kinds of different loans out there. Stafford,Sally Mae, pell, you name it. They don't care they just want your dam money. The government loves making money that way. Especially for dum asses like myself who keep switching or quitting. Sorry to be so blunt. Yes, you can tranfer anywhere. All it takes is communucation with loan people. Or not. I just applied at other schools and they tranferred me right over.

Ana Said:

what is the difference between financial aid awarded by the school and student loans taken out by the bank?

We Answered:

Simply put, the difference is that you don't have to pay back financial aid, but you must pay back your loan.

Financial aid is grant money that the college designates to students to help lower their tuition costs. This means that you are "granted" the money as a gift, in a ways. The amount you are given is dependent on your financial situation and your family's ability to foot the bill.

Loans, as indicated by the word, is a loan. This means you are *borrowing* money from the bank, insinuating that you also must pay them back. The money you are loaned is--unlike the financial aid grant money--not a gift.

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