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Student Tuition Loans

Corey Said:

Will my student loans cover previous tuition?

We Answered:

No, but you have until June 30, 2010 to apply for the 2009-2010 fafsa - which would cover the previous year if that's when you went to school (that you're still paying for). Otherwise, no, financial aid does not cover previous educational costs. However, if you receive a refund from loans, then you can use that money to pay on your previous debt from the other school. You have to fill out the fasfa and an mpn for stafford loans... and you'll choose a lender (unless your school only goes through a specific lender). You can call your school's financial aid office and they will walk you through the process - just make sure that you understand what is going on and how much you will be taking out.

Cindy Said:

Are there any organizations that help with repaying student loans (not tuition) in exchange for working?

We Answered:

The only one I know of is the US military but there may be others out there that don't advertise it. Some lenders also offer repayment forgiveness for teachers, nurses or even lawyers up to certain limits.

Edna Said:

Student loans for more then just tuition?

We Answered:

Student loans can be used for a number things, from tuition and books, to housing and transportation costs. Before you accept a loan from a student loan company, you should read the provisions of the loan.

Leslie Said:

How are student loans and pell grants applied to tuition?

We Answered:

Pell first, loan last.

Jaime Said:

How to reduce payments on student loans and tuition?

We Answered:

2 Things you can do

1) Declare Bankruptsy

2) Seek Advice from a charity, i dont know if you have the citizens advice bureau (like we do in the UK)

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annotated bibliography topics said:

If you receive a refund from loans, then you'll use that money to pay on your previous debt from the opposite faculty. you have got to fill out the fasfa associated an mpn for stafford loans and you will opt for a loaner unless your faculty solely goes through a selected loaner.