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Subsidized Student Loans

Corey Said:

If Canada, has Universal Healthcare, subsidized student loans, and an innumerable other government policies?

We Answered:

I don't think the people in these articles would agree on the quality of health care in Canada.

N.L. Premier Williams set to have heart surgery in U.S.…

Surgery postponed indefinitely for 1,000 Kelowna patients…

Cancer patients question why PET scan not covered…

Will Socialized Health Care in the US Kill Canadians?…

Wait times for surgery, medical treatments at all-time high: report…

The Trutha About Canada's Ailing Health Care System…

Also, here's a Canadian website where you can check your wait times depending on your condition:…

The knee-jerk reaction to all of these articles is usually, "I can find just as many articles about American health care". I'll try not to challenge you to do just that. I will, however point out that there are a TON of liberal pundits who support UHC. If there truly ARE so many articles or stories out there, why aren't they out there showing anyone that will look? Why aren't they parading around the thousands who have been failed by the US system?

Gordon Said:

should I take out Subsidized student loans every year just in case I would really need all that money later?

We Answered:

Only if you are really disciplined and know that you won't use it unless necessary to pay for school bills should you do that. However, the temptation to use it for everyday items is fairly great and it will put you very deep into debt and make it harder to pay back those loans once you are done with college.

Myself, I did take out extra loans and had no intention of using them for everyday items but i did use it for those and other gadgets and toys that weren't related to school. Now I'm saddled with a large monthly payment on my school loan and the last thing you would want is to risk going into default because of how much it would end up being.

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