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Texas Student Loans

Jerome Said:

Is it possible to Prevent Wage Ganishment in TEXAS on a Private Student Loan?

We Answered:

Although this is a private loan, it falls under the same guidelines as other Federal loans. So yes, they can attach your wages and any income tax refund (man I miss those) you may be eligible for. Plus, your co-signer is just a responsible for the loan as you, so their wages may be garnished and tax refunds withheld until the loan is paid in full. Plus negative marks on you and the co-signers credit will prevent any credit, mortgages and may hurt employment opportunities and even auto, home and life insurance!

If the school is a scam, you should contact the Department of Education. The school should not be eligible for ANY student loans, Federal or private. Plus, you may get a portion, if not all, of the funds forgiven.

Don't cut and run! If you keep the lines of communication open and honest, you will get this issue resolved.

Dawn Said:

What is the best student loan option for Texas Tech?

We Answered:

Why would you rather get a private loan? Private loans have a high interest rate and require a credit background, while federal loans have lower interest rates and do not require any kind of credit whatsoever. Private loans should only be the very last option, as they are not recommended for anyone unless you have no other choice.

You should file for financial aid with the FAFSA, as you may qualify for grants and/or loans depending on your family income, actual enrollment and tuition cost at Texas Tech. Federal Stafford Loans are your best options, besides from grants. Just fill out an application and speak to your financial aid counselor at Texas Tech for available options. Don't go to SallieMae unless you have no other choice!

Greg Said:

I need the number to texas guarantor for student federal loans?

We Answered:

Funny, I just called them today for a student. There are numerous numbers depending on your reason for calling. For general correspondence, try 800-845-6267. For other numbers, try their Contact Us page:

Ann Said:

How do I go about getting a student loan for Texas State University?

We Answered:

Once you fill out the FAFSA it determines how much you get according to your income information. Yes, FAFSA does determine if you get a loan (must pay back) or a grant (don't have to pay back).

If you go to FAFSA you can apply for loans and grants and other aid all at once. And it's sent to the colleges/universities you specify.

To fill-out the FAFSA you need your parent's income information if you are dependent (under 24). IF you are independent (24 and up) you only need your income info.

No it is not too late.

Gabriel Said:

Texas Teaching / Title One schools / Student loans ?

We Answered:

the tea website will be able to give you a list of Title 1 schools in TX, but the money doesn't come from the schools. It comes from the state. After teaching 5 years at a Title 1 school, you can get $5000 of your loans paid off. If you taught in a high need area such as Math, Science, or Special Ed you can get $17,500. FYI: You don't have to stay at the same school for all 5 years, but wherever you are, it should be a Title 1 school.

Hopefully, that helps!

Sally Said:

Can a lein be placed on your home in the state of Texas for Student Loan Debt?

We Answered:

No. In Texas, a homestead cannot be taken to pay a debt, including defaulted student loans, except for debts taken for the purchase of the home, for home improvements, for home equity loans, or to pay certain taxes.

Wages may be garnished, however, to pay for, among other things, defaulted student loans.

Linda Said:

Will the state of texas pay of my student loans if i become a teacher?

We Answered:

Texas does have a program where they will help pay off student loans for some teachers. Only $5,000 can get paid per year with a max of $20,000 over no more than 5 years. You can not be in default, covered under any other repayment program, and the loan needed to be used for higher education purposes only. To be qualified you normally have to work at a school with a shortage of teachers or teach a subject that is having a shortage of teachers. Also, a lot of times if your working at a cheaper school than you can qualify for it as well (of course these schools usually have a shortage already).

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