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The Student Loan Corporation

Jesse Said:

Sallie Mae versus College Loan Corporation?

We Answered:

We need more info. Is this a federal loan? If so, the interest rate will be the same no matter who you choose to go with. All federal loans are taken out at the same interest rate.

The only difference here is probably 2 things. 1. Different lenders offer different types of benefits if you choose them as your lender (i.e. a 1% reduction off your interest rate after making 36 on-time payments) 2. Customer Service. I work for a student loan servicer, and while I have never had to personally deal with Sallie Mae, I have heard nothing but bad from the borrowers who came from them or have had to deal with them. When you call for customer service their reps are foreign and you can't understand what they are saying.

This is all hearsay though. I have heard of CLC but have had no personal dealings with them so I haven't heard anything good or bad. I think they are a slightly smaller company than SLMA as well. Good luck!

Byron Said:

Filed BK 3 yrs ago, and included a student loan funded by a corporation.?

We Answered:

if your student loan was back by the government, (like a Stafford or plus loan) it should not have been discharged it BK. the judge screwed up. If it was totally financed by a private company, with no government guarantee, then you need to mail them the court papers, and have it straitened up. With that said, they may keep trying to collect from you, and you need to assert your rights. It will be an uphill battle. If your loan was made during or after 2005, it is not dischargeable either, except in extreme hardship (like total disability) Contact a bk lawyer, see if he can help. You may have to just start making payments

Philip Said:

Does anyone has experiences with Global Student Loan Corporation ?

We Answered:

This web site I am going to give you, is the most respected web site for international students. They are very comprehensive and are a totally free web site which will give you very good information for free! I do not work for them or anything, but they are a very good web site.…

Samantha Said:

Where can I get a good deal on consolidation for my private student loan?

We Answered:

Sallie Mae can help you consolidate private student loans:

Your interest rate is based on your credit rating, so finding a co-signer with good credit can help bring the rate down.

Jennie Said:

When is Obama going to take over all the student loan corporations and make all loans government loans?

We Answered:

Making student loans government loans is an idea I can live with .

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