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The Student Loan People

Lloyd Said:

how long before the student loan people wait before reporting it to the irs?

We Answered:

I don't understand the question, I have student loans, are you asking default student loans?

Phillip Said:

can your ssi stimulus check be taken if you owe on a student loan?

We Answered:


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Louise Said:

What is the legal limit The Student loan people can garnish from your income tax refund?

We Answered:

Of course they can. That is obvious from the fact they DID. CRA doesn't just let somebody garnishee amounts becuase they says so, they have to provide the proper legal order.

They can take all of it. They can't take some sorts of government payments (or only a designated amount) like EI etc, but an income tax return is considered 'found money', it's excess to your normal living costs, so they can take it all if they need to.

Dawn Said:

whats the average student loan people are left with after they graduate for a 4 yr degree?

We Answered:

The most common number I see is anywhere between $18,000 to $20,000.

It depends on what type of school you go to (private vs. public) and what kind of aid you get.

Marvin Said:

How do I fix my destroyed credit do to a student loan.?

We Answered:

Build a habit of shopping around for things more so for student credit cards:

When you enter a college there are numerous credit card companies waiting to offer you a credit card. Look at each one of them, it might look as time consuming initially but it will save a for you over the college years. A student credit card with lowest APR and other fees will be suitable. Look for rewards that bring additional savings to you. Remember money saved is money earned.

Budget your expenses:

Making a budget is what everyone should learn in early life. The sooner this habit is imbibed, more rewarding the financial future becomes. Budget out your expenses, and eliminate the wastes. Being frugal is not good but being wise helps.

Stick to your budget:

There are temptations to spend more and there will always be. Getting lured into these temptations is a sure shot way to run into credit card debt. Remember every purchase that you make with a credit card is a loan and has to be repaid at the end of the month with interest. Read more about it at:…

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