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Top Student Loans

Claudia Said:

What would the top financial experts do if they had huge student loans in an economic slump with few jobs?

We Answered:

i know a lot of people whose parents don't pay for their education in college and higher. there is always financial aid. plus.....most students work while in college. if you use your money wisely through college....then it won't be long after college that you can pay off your loans. if you really want a job right away....go for a major that has a lot of job options such as accounting or business. as for me.....i believe in enjoying my job and not looking at how much i make. if you enjoy your'll do better at it....which will make you more likely to succeed.

Alicia Said:

What American lender provides student loans for foreign universities?

We Answered:

You have to be an American citizen to get federal help (FAFSA), so you will have to take out loans and/or get scholarships. Most loans come from banks, there will be a list of lenders on the schools Financial Aid website. Also, contact the financial aid office, they will put you on the right track.

Mabel Said:

Can I get student loans to help live on while attending college if i get pell grants?

We Answered:

Yes, you will also be offered either work-study or Stafford / Perkins loans in addition to your Pell Grant. Any funds offered to you as work-study can be transferred to loans ... or vice-versa.

If you still require additional money above and beyond the amount offered by Financial Assistance, you can take out private school loans through SallieMae (visit their website for more details) to help fill in the gaps.

Cathy Said:

I would like to know if 70,000 in student loans is too much to have just for a MBA for a top tier school?

We Answered: You'll be LUCKY if all you have is $70000 in loans after getting done with college and a MBA program. Once I finish this last year of law school, I will be nearly $200000 in the hole...and that's with a partial scholarship to my law school. And, honestly, if you didn't have top schools on your resume like Chicago and/or were trying to do something that didn't pay as much as business, such as teaching, and were that much in debt, then, yes, it'd definitely be too much money. But again, considering the kinds of schools you've attended, the kind of career you're looking at and the total amount of debt, you are really in good shape.

Willie Said:

A question about student loans on top of federal aid?

We Answered:

What would happen is that the student loan money would be sent to the school. Then you would contact the school, request a refund, and the school will send you a check. The process is explained in this article:…

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