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Types Of Student Loans

Stephanie Said:

What are student loans? How do you get one and are there different types of student loans?

We Answered:

Student Loans are a low interest loan to help students pay for their college education. There are two different types of student loans:

Direct Subsidized Loans- These loans are subsidized by the Federal Government and do not accrue interest until 6 months after your graduate or drop below half-time status. These loans are needs based and use the information from your FAFSA form to determine your eligibility.

Direct Unsubsidized Loans- These loans DO accrue the interest on your loan from day one of receiving the funds. These loans also do not have to be repaid until 6 months after you graduate or drop below half-time status. These loans are not need based and are the most common form of student loans offered today.

Your school's financial aid office should automatically advise you after you are officially registered and they have received your FAFSA form which of these loans you qualify for and the amounts you qualify for of each. They will use all grants and scholarships first prior to offering any student loan programs. If you have already provided this information to your school, then check your financial aid status if they have a website and it should have all of this information listed for you there.

I hope this helps!!!

Cody Said:

Where do can I get student loans?

We Answered:

There are several different types of student loans that you can apply for.

For instance, there are government and non-government deferred student loans. Both allow you to defer your payments until the end of the school term.

With government financing you will, however, need to know what is the government policy on student loans and whether you are eligible to apply.

There are other types of easy instant student loans. Another example includes fixed rate student loans that remove the uncertainty about your student loan interest rate and make sure that it does not fluctuate in the future.

Tracy Said:

What types of student loans can a person get that allow you to use them how you see fit?

We Answered:

It actually can't be a student loan as far as I know. I just signed my promissory note yesterday and "not for use to purchase or lease an automobile" is an implicit condition. Then again, you are FIXING a car. You can always borrow the maximum, let them deduct tuition and then use the remainder to fix your car.

Pedro Said:

what are the different types of student loans out there?????which is the best?

We Answered:

Firstly the girl you heard about probably had osap, or some sort of student loan. In Canada and other places when you finish school, or even a year, the place you got the loan from will take away some of what you owe, as long as you're in good standing.

I'm in University right now, I have osap, 1 continuing scholarship, and a line of credit.
The line of credit is in case of emergency and I have yet to use it. But once you stop going to school you have to start to pay loans back.

I recommend OSAP if you are eligible. Then I would recommend going to your bank and letting them know your situation. Also call your school, a lot of schools have aid for people who can't afford higher education.


Betty Said:

What are these types of student loans called?

We Answered:

Grant or student loan?

It can be confusing when these financial terms are used by different people.

There are grants and scholarships given by various organizations that can make the rules that apply to their specific type of aid. Maintaining a certain GPA could be one of them.

Go to a site that gives a simple definition of grants, scholarships, and loans if you want to understand them, i.e., how they work.

Barbara Said:


We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Eddie Said:

does anyone know of a website where that it can let me know of a student loan with out a credit check?

We Answered:

Student loans are available to students through the Department of Education regardless of your credit history or credit rating. All you need to do is fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid). This information gets sent to the school of your choosing and is set up through your financial aid office at school. Your eligible loan amounts would be based on your current student year and degree being pursued.
You can get more information by going to-
Good luck to you as you pursue your educational goals.

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