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Ubc Student Loans

Vanessa Said:

Residence or stay at home?

We Answered:

it definitely is in my opinion

for one, it saves a lot of time, and remember that you're still spending a lot of money just by living at home (electricity, food, water, supplies etc.), so it's not quite as large an amount as you might think (although still pretty large)

it also just makes the experience so much easier and bearable, and you feel much more part of the university this way

don't forget that most universities only have room for you in residence in u0 (first year), and you'll have to find somewhere else after that (although it might be different in UBC, I'm not sure)

edit: if you're fine with just getting the degree though, and not too concerned with college life itself, then it might be better to save the money

Tiffany Said:

Failed courses in UBC firstyear?

We Answered:

Speak to the Financial Aide office of your school./

Lee Said:

Private Student Loan for International Student in Canada?

We Answered:

Pedro Said:

i am a canadian looking to finance undergraduate study in law in the uk? what loans are available?

We Answered:

You are not going to get any loans from the UK and will not get a student visa unless you can show that you can pay the fees and support yourself.

Patsy Said:

Need serious financial advice?

We Answered:

I'm not canadian; but I'd start with the school financial aid office.

Roger Said:

How much does one semester of med school at UBC cost?Helpful hints getting enough funding/loans/scholarships?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

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