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University Student Loans

Jo Said:

Can university students pay rent with student loans?

We Answered:

yeah you can spend it anyway you like but

don't forget about your books, dues and all that other stuff they gave you the loan for in the first place.

and make sure you read the fine print about paying back the loans. those loans can add up fast.

Javier Said:

is it true that if you become a university or state university professor, you get student loans paid off?

We Answered:

Not in general. Sometimes you can get reductions at some teaching institutions in high-need areas such as nursing, but not overall. There are other areas where you can get student loan reduction, such as teaching or working in a rural or high-need area (like reservations), and going into the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. It also depends on what kind of debt you have (public or priivate).

Kimberly Said:

Are there any student loans available to open university students?

We Answered:

There are absolutely none. (had a relative who did one). Open university students are not condsidered full time students- even if they are taking a full year of credits. This is because you are considered to be available for work and not in full time education. So no student loans are available for living expenses.

If you are on a low income, you could receive job seekers allowance and/or housing benefit and council tax benefit. The fact you are doing a O U degree does not effect your entitlement to this as you are not classified as a student.

If you need help with the actual ou tuition fees, the ou will pay for these and any summer school fees if you are on a low income- you just need to apply to the ou for these.

There really are no other ways to fund your course unless you can get a sponsor, such as an employer or a charity possibly. Some university libraries have details of people that fund educational pursuits but these are very limited, usually being bequests left by people in their wills for things such as women's education etc. They are usually only very small sums.

Don't give up on the idea though- just persevere with it and do the courses- either by cutting down on living costs or working as best you can whilst studying. Just have to be good at time management.

Jack Said:

Canadian banks giving out student loans to fund my American University cost?

We Answered:

I wouldn't think so, but try asking the bank.

I bank with the ScotiaBank, and since they're nazis, I wouldn't ask them. Try TD or Royal Bank. Don't ask Bank of Montreal because they're even bigger nazis than the scotiabank.

And the Credit Union are communists, so don't bother with them.

CIBC i think does things like that.

Cassandra Said:

Does bad credit affect getting university student loans?

We Answered:

While bad credit doesn't affect federal student loans, such as the Stafford loans or the Family PLUS loan, it DOES affect independent loans you may try to apply for. For instance, I was required to find a cosigner for my Sallie Mae loan.

FYI: Sallie Mae will loan up to the ENTIRE cost of your education, if you have a cosigner. Without a cosigner, if your credit is good enough, you can borrow up to $15,000 per year. You can find them at

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