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Usbank Student Loans

Tammy Said:

How can I get out of debt quick?

We Answered:

If you just get $300 a month, getting a $250 insurance wasn't a very smart move and getting AT&T phone lines with multiple lines was.. ahem not that smart either.
What to say.. it is a tought world out there, some go ahead, some stay behind.. BUT we are all worthy, don't you forget it.

Steve Said:

Student Loans?

We Answered:

Have you filled out the FAFSA? Already been to your school's financial aid office? Try those things first. If you're beyond that and are "on your own" I would try Sallie Mae. They offer educational loans that don't have to be repayed until after graduation. Their "Signature Loan" has high approval rates.

But be careful, applying for too many loans in a short period of time WILL lower your credit score. Every time someone runs a credit check for a loan your score is lowered.

Try going to the library and getting a book about "free money" or grant writing. Ask the librarian to see the section about scholarships and grants. He or she will be a great resource. Also try for a scholarship search. Good luck!

Alicia Said:

student loan?

We Answered:

Many of those banks list their rates at sites like be sure to also check the fees they charge as that is just as important as the interest rate.

Maurice Said:

My USBank checking account was offset for a defaulted loan but the funds in my account are exempt!?

We Answered:

No, you are out of luck. It's called cross collateral. When you signed the loan agreement you agreed to your bank account being additional collateral. You defaulted and they took the collateral.

Had the bank gone to court and gotten a judgment, they may not have been able to attach your bank account at another bank. Although, I think your financial aid money may not fall under any kind of exemption. I'm not sure unemployment is exempt in all states.

Glen Said:

I have student loans through US Bank, which will be 90 days past due on the 5th of Dec. Can US Bank take $...?

We Answered:

I would say yes, because the account was in their bank. You need to see what you signed when you got the loan. Did it say if the loan was past due they would draft the funds from your other accounts?
Why is the account 90 days past due? Have you talked to the bank to see about making arrangements to pay? Did you contact the bank at all or just ignore the fact you owed them money? If you did not talk to the bank then as far as they are concerned you are not going to pay your debt.
I know you want everyone to say how horrible this is, but the thing is you owe the money and you have just ignored the debt.

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