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Virginia Said:

I am about to graduate from college soon and I am wondering where can I view all of my student loans at?

We Answered:

You can view exact detailed data about each of your loans by accessing NSLDS at Use your federal PIN to access NSLDS. The detailed data will provide you with information regarding your lender, outstanding loan balances, loan status, and disbursements for all federal loans.

NSLDS does not report information about private loans. You must contact your lender to obtain that information. So your Sallie Mae info may not be there.

Micheal Said:

Do lenders view student loans just as they do other debt such as credit cards?

We Answered:

If you are trying to consolidate, a potential lender is going to be more interested in your payment history and in the number of accounts you have rather than whether it is credit card or student loan debt. They also look to see if you are just carrying balances and paying the minimum each month or if you are cutting the actual debt by paying down the principle owed.

Credit card interest is usually a lot higher than student loan interest and therefore, paying cards off first and getting yourself a lower rate on your outstanding debt is a really good idea - it can save you thousands of dollars depending on your balances. Also, credit card companies don't like to give you deferment, forbearance or alternative payment plans which is another good reason to take care of them first.

Student loan lenders are often easier to deal with as long as you don't get behind in payments. They will grant forbearance or deferment and can offer graduated payment plans or reduced payments for a time. But be careful if you have to ask for forbearance or deferment on your student loan. They can capitalize the interest accrued during the forbearance (meaning that amount of interest gets added to the principle of your loan and you then pay interest on it).
If you require forbearance, try to make at least a small payment each month. It will cut down on the amount capitalized at the end.

Whatever you decide, good luck. You are going about this in the right way and it will only help your credit later on when applying for a mortgage or car loan.

Gordon Said:

What are some point of view as a hyperpluraist,pluraist,and stratificatinist on student loan reform(2010)? Whi?

We Answered:

when i was 16, i take a student loan, after that i take a car loan,
and i m happy about both of my loan which i get even my credit score is not good.
and that i get from


they provide full information in their adds.
just click on add and u will get full information about ur any kind of loan u want to know about.------------

Karen Said:

How do I apply for a Stafford or Perkins Student Loan?

We Answered:

Our school has a Master Promissory Note you can complete online after your awards show up on line. This goes to the lender of their choice.
You can go to the lender (bank, credit union or loan company) of your choice for a loan if you like. Rates are regulated by the government but some charge "initiation" fees that can vary greatly. Either can lead you through the process.

My personal experience with the lender of MY choice is the school seems to make everything more complicated if you don't use the lender they want you to. However, I am willing to do it the hard way if I can choose my lender. It's just one less aspect of my life the school cannot control.

Sergio Said:

Should the repayment of student loans be abolished?

We Answered:

Most definately YES Otherwise it is going back to having the rich kids in with a chance in life Whilst we poor peasants take years to pay it back .Especially if you are going for a job in the so called caring industry which pays so little

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