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Where To Get A Student Loan

Ryan Said:


We Answered:

There are private student loans that send the money directly to you, but you have to provide proof that you are going to school. So unless you have school certification then the answer is no.

Roy Said:

Where can I get a student loan where I don't have to start paying it back until after I graduate?

We Answered:

The only way to get part of that accomplished is through FAFSA go to and fill out the application. You'll have to accrue interest on a portion of the loan, but the entire amount and all payments are deferred until you complete your program of study.

Jessica Said:

Looking for a Private Student Loan where the send the check directly to me.?

We Answered:

You should stay far and away from these types of loans.

Ida Said:

I need a student loan--where do i start?

We Answered:

Yes, go to the bank. Im not positive, but you might need a co signer (mom or dad or other relative) They give out loans :) my step mom was loaned 40,000 for college when she was young and in college

Paula Said:

Where can I find a student loan where I do not need a cosigner?

We Answered:

Federal loans require no cosigner and no credit check. Federal Stafford loans are available to anyone regardless of parents high income. You apply at

The max a dependent freshman can borrow in federal Stafford loans is 5,500 a YEAR. The government doesn't give you more money to attend an expensive out of state school unless your parents are willing to take out parent PLUS loans for you... (remember you'll need their help for all 4 years.)

If you can't afford the out of state option, you might consider other alternatives.

Duane Said:

where can i apply for a student loan where i get the money back to myself ? i need help?

We Answered:

Normally, most financial aid officers apply for the maximum amount for students. Therefore, students get the balance of the funds each quarter or semester. You should talk with your FA office to see if this is being done. You should also consolidate your loans so that you won't have so many.

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