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Corporate Compliance Training

Jenny Said:

i'm applying online to be a teller..but i dont know which to choose on this list because none say teller..

We Answered:

try retail banking and customer service.
Good luck .. I am a teller and love it!

Bonnie Said:

I need help with my homework...Can you please help?

We Answered:

1. Which employee action constitutes a misuse of company resources?
D. A foreman took a construction crew to work on a landscaping project at the foreman's private property after finishing a project early that had paid the labor costs for the crew.

2. An individual works at job A during the day and also teaches night classes at job B. While working at job A on a company computer, the individual receives instant messages from night class students and communicates with the students as requests arrive rather than waiting until the night class begins. Why is this inappropriate?
D. The individual is using job A's resources to perform duties for job B.

3. How can implementing an ethics program encourage organizational integrity?
C. Mid-level managers can develop departmental codes of conduct as needed.

4. What is a benefit of an effective ethics program in the workplace?
D. Allowing company officers to avoid personal liability for ethical violations

5. For an organization to develop an effective ethics program, the position of ethics officer is often created. What is a key responsibility of an ethics officer in developing an ethics program?
A. Developing and distributing a code of conduct

6. What is an essential role that top management plays in developing an effective ethics program?
C. Interpreting and supporting regulatory requirements for ethics programs

7. Which method of assessment can develop benchmarks for compliance with ethical standards?
D. Employee questionnaires

8. What is a purpose of ethics training?
B. To improve the employees' ability to identify ethical issues

9. How does a formal code of conduct affect the way an organization does business?
A. By describing organizational expectations for all employees

10. A manufacturing worker becomes ill due to conditions in the workplace. The worker's manager determines that the production process must be fixed regardless of the cost to the company.

The manager is exhibiting which type of moral principle?
B. Utilitarianism

Mike Said:

Stuck with partnership's! please help me, your thoughts will help me with my project.....?

We Answered:

Set up a Yahoo Group. You will have like-minded business people join you to set up a system that will work. Start at the Yahoo home page. It does not cost any money.

Joe Said:

Would you have a look at my cv, please?

We Answered:

Looks good but depends on what job your applying for, if your applying for a Professional job then this is perfect but if its a normal job then should be kept a bit simpler

Bill Said:

Has anyone ever worked for the apparently 'upscale' retailer 'Brookstone'?

We Answered:

Brookstone is like Sharper Image but higher end stuff. It is probably like working in a jewelry store. The clients expect a little sucking up.

It is definitly a sales environment, but you make your big bucks on people comming back, not the initial sale. I think they probably understand that at a classier place like that.

Christopher Said:

Job Opportunities In Rochester, NY?

We Answered:

Wow, with your credentials, I could see you being very successful in the business that I am in...Freelife International.
This would be perfect for creating leverage as well as residual income. Freelife is an 11 year old, debt free company that is in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau.
They also have a cutting edge compensation plan unlike any other out there.
I think you should have a look at it and let me know what you think of it, perhaps this is the break you've been looking for.

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